Broadcaster ERT
Head of Delegation @greeceeurovision
CoHead of Delegation -
Appearances 8 (2 finals)
Debut VSC#1
Best result 13th (F) VSC#1
Worst result 24th (SF) VSC#5

Greece has participated in the Vision Song Contest 8 times since their debut in the 1st edition. The country managed to qualify for the Final with the same singer Helena Paparizou in editions 1 and 8, in which Greece scored its best result. The worst one came in the 5th edition when Naya failed to qualify ranking in the prelast place with only 4 points.


The following lists shows all Greek entries in the Vision Song Contest and their scores.

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify to the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
1 Helena Paparizou Survivor 13th 41 3rd 76
2 Thomai Apergi Jazz & sirtaki Failed to qualify 15th 30
3 Melina Aslanidou Den eho diefthinsi Failed to qualify 24th 22
4 Valenthia Digeni Ekriksi Failed to qualify 21th 23
5 Naya Min akous kanenan Failed to qualify 24th 4
6 Amaryllis Argotera Failed to qualify 20th 20
7 Xryspa Etoimasou Failed to qualify 14th 57
8 Helena Paparizou Fiesta 10th 150 3rd 74

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