Since the first edition slogans were used for the contest. In each edition, the host broadcaster and the VSC TEAM was in charge to decide the slogan of the edition and based on it, develop the contest's theme and visual design.

Edn. Host city Slogan
#01 Flag of Spain.svg Spain Madrid "Vision"
#02 Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands Tórshavn "Discovering the abstract"
#03 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia Melbourne "Shining"
#04 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Malmö "Feeling the energy"
#05 Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo Pristina "Let's unite together"
#06 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Göteborg "Make it happen"
#07 Flag of Germany.svg Germany Bielefeld "Explode"
#08 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Stockholm "Burning Passion"
#09 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom London TBA